From simple repairs to the fabrication of rotors and gearbox housings from scratch.  Our certified experts in MIG and TIG welding have expanded our capabilities  and upgraded our equipment to serve our customers.

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Welding of Test Stands, Installation Fixtures, Repair Lifts, and Automation Frames

Latest project include:

  • Installation fixtures for solar fields development in the renewable energy industry.
  • Lifting mechanisms for helicopter repairs and upgrades. 
  • Custom water jet cutting mechanism for the paper industry
  • Support base for off highway construction equipment production.
  • Extension of frame and supporting brackets of a coil winder.
  • Industrial door closer device frames for correctional facilities.
Welding structural frames and gearboxes
Welding for Installation Fixtures for Solar Panels

Welding of Recycling Equipment,  Gearbox Housings, and Structural Frames.

Latest projects include:

  • Hydraulic powered base plates for natural gas distribution engines.
  • Tooling and installation kits for MRI equipment.
  • Feed rolls and crushers for the recycling industry.
  • Aluminum extrusion bender land based military vehicles.
  • Commercial printing frames with rollers and mounting brackets.
  • Test engine stand for the aerospace industry.


If it can be clamped, it can be welded!

Services include:

  • Sourcing of all bill of material items.
  • Pre-machining of all parts.
  • Welding up to 4″ in thickness.
  • Stress relieving post welding.
  • Testing of your project for fit, form, and function.
  • X-Ray and penetration testing.
  • Custom surface finishing, painting, and polishing.
Welding and Machining of Frames for Packaging Machines