Manufacturing Excellence:
70 years of Manufacturing Commitment, Capability, and Community

70 Years of Expertise

Need a sounding board for your new prototype? Need an emergency part for your legacy equipment?  Looking for spare parts to schedule some preventative maintenance?  Having trouble finding a vendor that specializes in large machining? 

Partner with a team that has decades of experience, is committed to continuous learning, is constantly expanding their manufacturing capabilities, and helps to build their community through volunteering and supporting #Neurodiversity in our industry. 


Help Allis Manufacturing Support #Neurodiversity in Manufacturing

Join our mission and committment to supporting, training, and growing the manufacturing careers of neurodivergent individuals in our community. Through non-traditional hiring practices, tailored accommodations, supporting education efforts, and developing personalized training plans, we foster an environment where unique talents thrive. We believe diversity and teamwork drives innovation and empowers every individual to contribute their best to succeed.

Please help us support the organizations below that are close to our hearts and a partner in our success in this mission.

The Uniquely Abled Academy at MATC

A machining program for students on the Autism spectrum with hands-on training needed to prepare for a career as a computer numerical control (CNC) operator

Best Buddies Inc. of Wisconsin

Offering One-to-One Friendship, Integrated Employment, and Leadership Development programs for individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Wisconsin

Good Friend Inc.

A non-profit and teaching organization for student, teachers, employees, and employers using social emotional tools to establish a culture of acceptance in schools and beyond.

Disability: IN Wisconsin

Disability:IN Wisconsin offers employers resources for recruiting candidates with disabilities, information on disability issues/topics, and exposure to an untapped market for goods and services.

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