For  projects from installations kits for medical equipment to water jet cutting assemblies for the  paper industry, from fixtures for motor cycle production to hydraulic stands for the natural gas industry, we have the supply chain for your bill of materials and purchased items and the assembly capabilities meet the specifications of your final prints.

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Assembly of Test Stands, Installation Fixtures, Repair Lifts, and Automation Frames

Latest project include:

  • Installation fixtures for solar fields development in the renewable energy industry.
  • Lifting mechanisms for helicopter repairs and upgrades. 
  • Custom water jet cutting mechanism for the paper industry
  • Spoke insertion tools for the motorcycle industry.
  • Adjustable pneumatically controlled coil winder.
  • Industrial door closer devices for correctional facilities.
Fixture assembly for the aerospace industry
Assembly of feed rolls for  the recycling industry

Assembly of Hydraulic Fixtures, Recycling Equipment,  Medical Equipment Installation Kits, Adjustable Tooling.

Latest projects include:

  • Hydraulic powered base plates for natural gas distribution engines.
  • Tooling and installation kits for MRI equipment.
  • Feed rolls and crushers for the recycling industry.
  • Aluminum extrusion bender land based military vehicles.
  • Commercial printing frames with rollers and mounting brackets.
  • Test engine stand for the aerospace industry.


If It Fits, It Gets Assembled and Ships!

Equipped in a controlled environment and with four generations of tools, equipment, and expertise, our team has the capabilities to bring your prints to life.

Services include:

  • Sourcing of all bill of material items.
  • Coordinating delivery and inclusion of purchased items necessary for your assembly.
  • Complete assembly of custom machined parts, hardware, and purchased items.
  • Testing of your project for fit, form, and function.
  • Cycle testing and certification of conformance.
  • Custom surface finishing, painting, and polishing.
  • Custom labeling, engraving, and crating.


Assembly capabilities