Large and Small Machining

For machining projects from the size of a deck of playing cards to the size of a mid-size sports sedan, from the size of a tooth pick to the size of a Naval propeller shaft, we have the large and small vertical, horizontal and turning machining centers to meet the specifications of your final prints.

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Machining of Weldments, Solid Plates, Castings, Bars, Extrusions, and Tubes

 Latest project include:

  • Large mating weldments for electric vehicle battery production.
  • Large nickel-silver extrusions for the door and window frames on the most expensive piece of real estate near Central Park in NYC.
  • Bores and mating surfaces on gearbox housings for power generation and distribution. 
  • Hole patterns and mounting surfaces in plates and frames for packaging and recycling equipment.
Large and small weldment machining
Large gearbox machining

Machining for Repair and Overhaul of Large Weldments and Castings

Latest projects include:

  • Reworking  bore dimensions and mating surfaces for the Power Industry to extend OEM functionality in the field.
  • Finishing rough castings for the Energy Industry to meet  concentricity and true position requirements.
  • Large weldment mating surfaces and parts for future assembly in Municipal Construction.
  • Custom fabrications for the Aerospace Industry for flatness and parallelism requirements.
  • Gearbox housings and planet carriers for wind turbines.



Rough Turning, Finish Turning, Hard Turning.

Latest projects include:

  • Custom base stand for the Off Highway Construction Industry from a 2000 Lbs. solid billet.
  • Master slips for the Oil Industry.
  • Main shafts for shredding equipment for the Battery Industry.
  • Rotor weldments for the Recycling Industry.
  • Cam shafts for the Medical Equipment Industry.
  • Turbine housings and propulsion systems for Maritime use.
  • ID and OD of spacers for use in the Mining Industry.


Large turning