Presentation at Neurodiversity in Manufacturing Summit

On May 18th, 2023, Peter Rathmann and his daughter Emma were the key note speakers for ‘Hiring Neurodiverse Talent to Grow Manufacturing Production’ on May 18, 2023 sponsored by ENGAUGE Workplace Solutions.

With every manufacturing company battling a lack of people applying for open positions, what if you can find and guarantee your next hire would:

-Always be on time.

-Want to learn more daily.

-Care about the work they do.

-Create efficiencies that you did not consider.

-Set an example for others.

With some labor forces working harder to stay home and get out of work, where would you spend your time recruiting? Now, what if you learned there are 170,000+ of these capable employees available to start tomorrow just in Wisconsin alone?

You can read the follow up article from Peter on his “committed Ecosystem” and how you can integrate neurodiversity into your efforts on LinkedIn here.