Emergency Repairs Here!


The benefit of having the world largest tool box and experience across 12+ industries is the agility and responsiveness you need for emergency repairs or rebuilding individual parts or even full equipment and on demand. If it can fit through our doors, we can repair and rebuild it. If not, we can come to you or introduce you to a better resource!


We have repaired a lot of parts and equipment in our 70 years across every industry. Just in the past 12 months, we have saved the power grid, the Milwaukee Bucks, the chocolate chip cookie, Chinese food, opening day, and local brewing.

Recent Completed Projects:

  • Palletizing equipment for a global soda producer.
  • Charging valve for a soy sauce producer.
  • An auger for a local sausage maker.
  • A morsel maker for a chocolate company.
  • A can sealer for a brewery.
  • Packaging equipment for the four packs of butter you buy.

The legacy equipment that still adds value to your business efforts is probably no longer supported by the OEM if it is even in business still and typically replacement parts that are available have a 12+ week lead time.  How much revenue are you missing by your equipment sitting idle?

If you can send us a picture to get started, that is a great first step and if it is accompanied by a print, even better.  You can also bring the part in, have us pick it up if you are close enough, or ship it to us.

Our team has the inspection equipment to understand the dimensions that need repairing, our supply chain for material acquisition is local, and because we backward plan our production schedule, we are agile enough to get your part into our work centers as soon as material arrives.

If we can’t fix it, chances are we know who can and we suggest you order tow pieces because the part will break again. Larger repairs and rebuild take some additional planning so submit your RFQ to get the conversation started of call us and ask for Buddy (not the elf) to accelerate the process.


Your 24/7 equipment just became 8/2 and your internal production calendar just blew up. To make it better, a replacement part from the OEM is 12 weeks out!


It starts with sending a print and if one does not exist, you need to get us the part. That legacy equipment that still adds value to your business but is not longer supported by the OEM is now our mission to fix.


Reverse engineering for fit, form, and function is the first order of business. Then, getting you two units is the next so you have one on the shelf for next time.